KWT4 Featuring Tom Washatka

(Description by George Halas)

The band, KWT4, is comprised of three all-star caliber musicians: bassist Kevin Wells, drummer Tony Taylor and guitarist Tom Theabo. The trio is appealing on several levels they are extremely good individual players who have developed a captivating synergy, they are likeable people who exude a pervasive sense of fun when they play and they produce music that has evolved creatively into something both truly unique and very easy to assimilate.

Composer, arranger, conductor and trumpeter extraordinaire Bob Levy, who, among his many credits, is the leader of the 18-piece jazz band The Big Band Reunion, is a big fan of KWT4.

"One of the real joys in listening to jazz has been the times when there is wonderful musical empathy and compatibility among and between players," he said. "Tom, Kevin and Tony manage to bring forth marvelous creative energy in the varied and diverse grooves, be they swing, Latin, blues or rock. Hearing them is always a pleasure and a treat."

Levy, like many other local standouts, has added his trumpet to KWT4 sound with excellent results.

"Those occasions when I've played with them are times that I've relished and always look forward to," he said. "The Fox Valley is very fortunate to have such a great group right here."

The three first met at UW-Oshkosh back in the late 70's and have often played together in various bands while also forging individual musical identities. They played with Janet Planet, Rick Smith and Dave Jahnke in Body Talk in the early 80's. Taylor went on to join John Harmon in Fire and Ice while Wells played in the big band, Play Time, and a rock band, Max Gain.

Much of Theabo's impressive musical resume has emanated from his collaborations with Planet. He has played guitar and arranged songs on several of her albums as well as performing as the guitarist in her live shows. The two also produced an album as a duo, "The Consequence of Two," with Theabo on acoustic guitar. The pair still performs at Gardina's in Oshkosh on the first Monday of every month.

KWT4 has existed as a trio for just about 10 years.

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